password removal

If you forgot your log in password of your computer, we can reset it while you wait. We can remove the administrator password from any windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and any mac osx.

At the same time we remove the administrator password of your computer, we can also assist you set up another one and also create or delete users to your needs. And at the same time we also take the time to check your computer and see how is doing on performance or what it would be good to do to improve it.

Bios password removal

This is a way to really secure your delicate data in case you lose or is stolen. The only thing is that if you for get the boot on password of your computer, the computer is actually no useful any more because the bios password is a password that locks the computer system board and there is nothing to do at least the password is remove.

We have 90% success removing passwords from computers and it might take from a day to a couple of days depending on the brand of the computer.

To make sure this never happens make sure you have all your important passwords written in two different places in case your some how forget it, you have the last option to get it back without having to deal with the hassle of putting at risk your personal computer.

If you have any question please contact us today!

windows password removal